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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pawan jokes at Twitter Heroes!

None of the Mega Heroes are seen so active on Twitter. In fact it is only Ramcharan who keeps in touch with his followers now and then. There was a continuous demand from Mega Fans about joining of Pawan on any of the social networking sites and thus spread his so called ‘Pawanism’ which became a religion of sorts among his Fans. When Pawan is asked the same, his open reply is more of intellectual type rather than merely satisfying the Fans.
‘What do we do by joining Twitter? I’ve completed my shooting today…I am resting in house with spread legs…How are these posts useful? I did not understand the basic purpose of joining any of these sites. We need to act more before our (Twitter) followers. Because, I can’t act continuously for a long time I am away from Twitter. Even if I act, I get tired and also tend to forget what I’ve said,’ said Pawan.

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